Why You Should Consider An Air Barrier Insulation

If you are concerned about your home’s energy loss one of the first areas to assess is your home’s air leakage. Air leakage is hard to detect, since even the tiniest crack can cause air to leak out of your home. This means it is often unnoticed by homeowners until the problem becomes too big to ignore. You can decrease or even fully stop air leakage with air barrier insulation.

Air barrier insulation provides not only superior air leakage protection but it can also protect your home from damage from water and other elements. You are guaranteed to have a more energy efficient home with a barrier that ensures protection from outside elements. The advantages of airtight construction is that you have stopped air from going out and air from coming into the building envelope.

Spray foam insulation is the best type of air barrier system available today. Some of the advantages to using spray foam or an air barrier system are: improved energy costs, improved air quality indoors, reduction of moisture problems within buildings, and less greenhouse gases. The Icynene spray foam is one of the high quality brands we use to insulate and seal your home or  business.
If you are looking for air barrier commercial insulation installation, then look no further! Here at New England Performance Insulation, our staff are trained and certified spray foam installers. We use only the highest quality spray foam available on the market. Spray foam can be used in a variety of spaces including attics, crawlspaces, floors, ceilings, and walls. Contact New England Performance Insulation today to save money on your energy bill with spray foam insulation.