Why Should You Choose Closed Cell Foam for Insulation

Why Should You Choose Closed Cell Foam for Insulation

Installing insulation in a building can be tricky business. One minute, you may feel warm and the next you could be cold as ice. That’s when you realize that the building may not be insulated properly. To make sure that your house or office building is properly insulated, choosing the right material is essential. Learn which material you should use to get the most effective insulation in your space.

Closed cell foam insulation uses foam that is composed of completely closed cells which do not allow any air to pass through. Since the cells in closed cell foam are pressed together, it is firm and provides the building with structural stability. It has a high R-value compared to open cell foam, which means it’s highly resistant to heat flow.

Convective currents take away the warmth from humid air and transfer it to the cold side of the wall which causes a drop in temperature. But closed cell spray foam maintains a consistent temperature throughout the building as it reduces convective currents in walls and attics.

Closed cell foam comes with a built-in vapor retarder. The vapor technology prohibits the flow of water vapors making sure no moisture is released in and out of the building.

Closed cell insulation is long lasting due to its rigid structure and high density. The dense nature of the foam also prevents mold formation and keeps it in good shape.

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