Striving to Deliver the Best Insulation to CT Customers

At NEPI Foam, New England Performance Insulation Company, we strive to deliver the best performance and materials to our clients. Using the finest products, our services can be customized to fit any size room and building type. With expert installation services, our continuous insulation CT contractors will provide you with quality insulation and an air barrier that helps to seal from various elements. 

As a commercial spray foam contractor company, we can help to determine if there is any air leaking in your building. With the air barrier created by spray foam, the material will help to seal out everything from pollutants to allergens and most importantly – escaping air. If you do have an air leak, we can stop the leak and prevent future leaks from starting in the first place with a reliable barrier.

As part of the Icynene Dealer Network, we are proud to be offering only the best insulation available on the market with complete design flexibility and great returns for residential homes. Spray foam insulation is an investment that will better the future of your building with lower energy costs and smaller A/C units, faster payback, and minimizing air leaks.   

With a new spray foam application, the comfort, health and structural integrity of your building will all be improved. Spray foam can be sprayed into multiple areas of your building from walls and floors to crawlspaces, attics and more. We only use the best insulation on the market and provide residential and commercial insulation to all areas in Connecticut. Contact us today for a free estimate on all insulation services.