Open Cell Foam Insulation CT

Open cell spray foam is one of the two types of spray foam available today and it differs from it’s counterpart, closed cell spray foam, in a number of ways.

First, open cell spray is not as rigid as the closed cell variant. This means it also has a lower R-value, which means it does not restrict the flow of heat as well as closed cell spray foam does. While this may seem like a negative at first glance it’s important to understand that insulation is more than just restricting air and temperature as much as possible. Utilizing both types of spray foam can give homeowners and building managers more options when it comes to insulating their property.


Furthermore, there are often areas of a structure that you’d want to breathe more and in these cases open cell spray foam would be more appropriate. It is important to figure out the amount of insulation your commercial building requires before determining the type of spray foam you should have installed. Installing the wrong type of spray foam or just installing too much insulation in general can actually end up costing you more money then you save.

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