Closed Cell Insulation CT

Closed cell spray foam has several unique properties that make it perfect to act as home or commercial insulation. It has a high R-value and is tremendous at reducing the flow of heat. But it is also very sturdy, sturdier than open cell spray foam or fiberglass insulation. Because of this sturdiness, closed cell spray foam can be used to add additional structural support to a building, while still providing the expected insulation results.

Closed cell spray foam’s versatility doesn’t end there however. Despite its stability, it is still easy to apply. While fiberglass insulation has to be cut and fitted into place, closed cell spray foam can easily navigate and insulate tricky areas of your home or office building, all while ensuring that there are no gaps in coverage.


In addition to boasting a high R-value, closed cell spray foam also has low water absorption properties and built-in vapor retarder. What this means is that it is highly resistant to water and water vapor, making it a great insulation type for use in flood prone areas or locales that regularly see heavy rainfall. Check out our closed cell insulation brands. Closed cell spray foam is a reliable and versatile insulation product that will last for the lifetime of your building.

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