Fluid Applied Air Barriers

Fluid Applied Air Barrier Insulation Systems

According to some estimates, commercial buildings waste up to 50% of the energy they use. This amounts to billions of dollars in wasted energy costs for businesses and building owners each year. Adding a fluid applied air barrier, along with other high-efficient insulation from NEPI Foam can help your building improve its energy efficiency, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Fluid applied air barriers, and vapor barriers, offer advantages over other types of resistive barriers as well as traditional asphalt-impregnated felt or paper barriers. Fluid applied air barriers can be used in all types of wall and building construction. Their flexibility in use includes gypsum and cement-based sheathings, OSB, plywood, CMU, and prepared concrete.

How Fluid Applied Air Barriers Are Constructed

NEPI Foam uses products that include options for treating sheathing joints, rough openings, inside and outside corners, and small cracks to fill in any gaps or openings through which air or fluid can pass in or out of a building. Fabrics, meshes, and tapes are used in conjunction with the joint and fastener treatment products to reinforce the treated areas. Lastly, a coating is applied with a spray, roller, or trowel over the entire substrate, effectively creating a seal over the substrate.

Benefits of Fluid Applied Air Barriers

When properly installed fluid applied air and vapor barriers provide a benefits and increase efficiency in a variety of ways. These include but are not limited to:

  • Effective air leakage blocking, reducing energy costs and increasing comfort
  • Reduce condensation within a building
  • Provide a seamless moisture barrier with no tears, holes, or lap joints
  • Protect sheathing and openings from weather damage both during and after construction
  • Fluid applied air barriers do not lose effectiveness from long-term exposure to weather and the elements and will not blow off during high winds


Fluid applied air and vapor barriers provide building owners with an effective and economically sound means of protecting their buildings and structures long-term. The use of fluid applied air and vapor barriers work extremely well for a variety of conditions while providing some very significant efficiency and comfort advantages.

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