Continuous Insulation

Continuous Insulation Barriers

There are few things that do more to combat the cold than a warm jacket. However, unless you zip up your jacket it doesn’t matter how thick it is, your body heat will leak out if it’s left open.

The same principle holds true for building insulation, regardless of the R-value (thermal performance) if insulation isn’t continuous throughout the building then heat will escape, decreasing efficiency and increasing heating costs. The only sure way to improve efficiency for a home or building is to use continuous insulation as the barrier between the elements and the indoors.

What is Continuous Insulation?

Continuous insulation is defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers 90.1 as “insulation that is continuous across all structural members without thermal bridges other than fasteners and service openings. It is installed on the interior, exterior, or is integral to any opaque surface of the building envelope.”

Continuous insulation not only improves energy efficiency but helps to reduce moisture by lowering the condensation within a building envelope through vapor diffusion, creating a healthier and dryer interior environment.

Why Continuous Insulation?

There are a couple of important reasons to use continuous insulation. The first being that it has been a requirement of the International Energy Conservation Code since 2012.

One of the primary accomplishments of this standard is that it has served to eliminate the sole use of fiberglass batt for exterior wall insulation. While fiberglass batts may be used as part of an insulation solution the requirement now also exists for another continuous barrier to be used, such as spray foam, in concert with traditional fiberglass batt.

The second is that the use, and proper installation, of continuous insulation serves to maximize the R-value of the insulation products. Continuous insulation on outbound exterior walls, alone or in tandem with interior insulation efforts, is the most efficient way of achieving improved R-values for your home or building.

At NEPI Foam we offer the latest in continuous insulation products, expert installations, and energy saving solutions for your home or building. If you’re building or remodeling, continuous insulation is a key component to ensuring your investment pays off.

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