Insulation Services in Hartford County | NEPI Spray Foam
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Insulation Services in Hartford County

Insulation Services in Hartford County

If you are in need of an insulation company CT in the Hartford county area, then NEPI Foam is the right company for you. The specialty spray foam acts as an insulation and an air barrier to seal out any unwanted elements. You may not realize that your air is escaping, since most insulation only has R value. The Icynene spray foam application that NEPI Foam uses is something that every building should have as it provides a better air barrier and provides up to a 50 percent savings in energy.

Our insulation provides quality and cost effectiveness for both commercial and residential properties. Over all the insulation companies around, NEPI Foam has the highest grade spray foam insulation CT at the most affordable price. With icynene spray foam, you can have a lasting R value and tight air seal all in one application. You will not need as many building materials as it is a 2-in-1 spray foam application. However long the building lasts will be how long the spray foam application will last. There is no need for re-application, which reduces cost and waste.

Spray foam is a very versatile type of insulation and come in two different kinds: open cell and closed cell. Open cell spray foam is where the cells inside the insulation are not completely closed, which gives the foam a spongy texture. Closed cell spray foam is when the small cells inside the foam are packed together from the gas inside, and cause the texture to be denser and has a higher insulation value.

As the building shell with spray foam creates an air barrier, it doesn’t allow for mold growth, moisture formation, shingle damage or rot. Consult with the experts at NEPI Foam for a new insulation application in little to no time!