Home Insulation Contractors You Can Trust

Here at NEPI Foam, we are the insulation contractors that you can trust. We have years of experience with CT home insulation, providing our customer with quality, leak-free insulation. We have knowledge with air barrier systems, building science principles and spray foam insulation to give you a more comfortable home environment.

Which Types of Insulation Should I Use for My Home?

Different insulation types should be used depending on your home’s design and also the climate. Different rooms in your home may need different types of insulation. For an area like an attic or crawl space, blown-in insulation CT would be used to meet the neede R-value. For exterior walls spray foam insulation is ideal. Icynene is often used with great results to insulate exterior walls because it’s an all-in-one performing product: an insulator, vapor retarder, and air barrier. For foundation walls, fiberglass is often applied from the bottom of the foundation to the wall sheathing.

How Much Insulation Should I Use for Certain Areas?

Each room in your home should have enough insulation to maintain the proper temperatures throughout the year. An attic in the states in the north, such as Connecticut, need about 16” -18” deep, more than the western or southern states that only need insulation about 13” – 14” deep. For insulation between walls, you should ideally completely fill the walls with insulation. The amount should fill from the floor to ceilings without any gaps.

Where the Insulation Should Be Installed

Different areas in your home require different amounts of insulation. Your local building code will give you a more accurate answer to the amount of insulation to use in your home. For every home, insulation at the minimum has to be in the floor in an unfinished attic, the wall between the garage and house and exterior walls. Insulation can also cover wall sheathing and some building codes may require insulated foundation walls and slabs.

At NEPI Foam, our CT insulation contractors handle all sized commercial and residential insulation projects. We will supply you with the proper amount of insulation for each room, whether you need an attic, crawlspace or exterior wall insulation. Contact NEPI Foam today to upgrade the insulation and efficiency of your home.