Energy Rebate

Incentive programs to save you money

Connecticut homeowners are eligible for tax credits, rebates, and loans on their insulation services.


Rebates: We participate with EnergizeCT and other Home Energy Solutions(HES) contractors to provide you with the best energy efficient recommendations for your home. We can assist you in scheduling a home energy audit that is convenient for you and your family. After receiving an energy audit you may be eligible to receive rebates on your insulation project. Ask a NEPI team member for more information.


Loans: Capital for Change (previously known as CHIF), offers loans and financing on your home energy solutions. Many of our customers use this program to find financing options as low as 0% on our insulation services. Please call us 203-783-0748 with questions or visit this site for more information:


Tax CreditsPlease visit this site for more information on receiving tax credits on your upgraded insulation and for information on how to apply:

We recommend you contact your tax professional for further detailed information.  

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