4 Reasons to Choose Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is changing the insulation industry for the better. For years, the only real choice for insulation has been fiberglass. While fiberglass may be cheaper than spray foam, spray foam fills in cracks and crevices that fiberglass cannot reach. Fiberglass insulation is not always able to prevent air leakage – costing you more money than you planned on paying! At New England Performance Insulation, we provide the highest-quality service and installation of spray foam insulation in CT.

  1. Water Retention

Some of the more traditional insulation choices, like fiberglass, absorb a lot of moisture, which can cause mold growth. Moisture can also lessen the effectiveness of the insulation. At NEPI Foam we use a vapor barrier insulation system that keeps water out and your home dry.

  1. Settling

Traditional insulation often settles, affecting its ability to insulate. Spray foam, however, will not settle and stays in place once it dries.

  1. Allergens and other Airborne Substances

For anyone with allergies, spray foam is the right way to go. It is able to form a tight seal to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering your home. Other traditional insulations are like a magnet for allergens and pollutants – they can become very dusty and filled with pollutants and allergens. For anyone with respiratory issues spray foam insulation is the obvious choice.

  1. Spray Foam is a Greener Choice for the Environment

Many fiberglass insulation choices on the market today contain a dangerous chemical called formaldehyde, which can leak into your home. Our commercial spray foam does not have any harmful chemicals that can impact the environment. It is a safer choice, and also doesn’t attract pests in the way fiberglass and cellulose sometimes do.

If you are interested in insulating your home or business, our commercial spray foam contractors can help you decide which material to choose! We will provide you with quality insulation options to choose from, to help you save on your energy costs.